Your Weekly Tarot Reading Of 15 – 21 August 2022

The powerful super full moon of Rakshabandhan, has now lead us to an important week where it’s vital that we see and acknowledge reality for what it is. The celestial heavens are at a more peaceful state as Mars (our ability to act) has freed itself from Rahu’s (the north node of the moon) shadowy clutches of delusion and chaos – gifting us with the ability to act mindfully. Jupiter and Saturn, are still on their retrograde paths, causing our collective dharmas and karmas to go rather topsy-turvy, making it all the more essential we be gentle with ourselves along the way.

Let’s see what the stars have in store this week

Aries August 2022 weekly horoscope

We know you’re multi-talented, and we know that your ability to multi-task is the stuff of legend. However, this week, it’s important for you to take it easy. No, this doesn’t mean that you dim your light. It just means that it would be wise to temper your flame in a manner that’ll keep you from experiencing ‘burn out’ and enable you to last long. It’s all about learning where to focus your energy and be mindful of how much of it you give off. In other words – prioritise! This way, you’ll be able to accomplish way more than you can imagine, without having to waste it on things, people, and situations that do nothing beyond bringing you down.

Perhaps it would be wise if you make a list of all the things to do, and then sort it out by the level of importance and the time needed to finish it. Those high in both categories, work on them first, when your energy is the freshest, and then work your way down. It’s also important for you to carve time out for yourself, and time to spend with your loved ones. If there is anything that is too hard, or not providing any kind of benefit, and is just sapping you of your vitality – it’s okay to let it go. Most importantly, make sure you take time to eat healthy, follow a workout routine, and sleep enough.

Taurus August 2022 weekly horoscope

Horoscope for 2022

Not all battles are meant to be uphill ones. Nor is there any nobility in taking on challenges that sap you of your vitality. True, your ability to work hard is something no one else in the astrological jungle can match, however, that doesn’t mean you have to constantly be the ultimate beast of burden. There’s no shame in sharing your burden, nor is your strength questioned if you delegate some tasks completely. Doing that may just enable you to not only achieve all your goals more effectively and efficiently, but may also give you the time to stop and smell the roses along the way.

It’ll be wise to remember to keep your anger in check. No, that doesn’t mean you suppress it completely. It just means to save your energy and put it to better use. When the situation demands it, it’s okay to get angry. Sometimes you may have to put up a fight if the situation demands it. However, do try to be mindful enough to keep the collateral damage to the bare minimum. Swallowing your rage can cause internal wounds that may perhaps be beyond repair. Thus, find healthy ways to express it so that your headspace is free from those burning emotions, leaving you with room to focus on what’s truly important. How to do it? Well, the ways are many – meditation, breath work, EFT tapping, work with a qualified therapist, or even just vent it out with your loved ones.

Gemini August 2022 weekly horoscope

August 2022 horoscope

This week is all about finding joy in the mundane and discovering the silver linings around the stormy clouds that hover above. Isolating yourself will not solve anything. It’s so important to have an empowering support system of friends and loved ones that encourage you to let your hair down, and keep you from dwelling on all the things that bring you down. Be sure that the company you keep allows your moods to elevate above life’s miseries, and not enablers who just rub your face in it. Make sure to express gratitude for all of them – without even a trace of sarcasm and cynicism.

There is plenty in your life worth celebrating. Sometimes we may be blind to them. Thus, the right kind of company can enable you to not only gain much needed clarity, but also help you appreciate yourself and your life for all the wonders within and around. No matter how hectic life may be, there are still numerous pockets of joy hidden in plain (and not so plain) sight. Allow yourself to see them, and if possible – celebrate them for what they are. More than anything else, it’s so important you remember that you are not alone in this journey. There are many who love and support you, and genuinely want to see you succeed.

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Cancer August 2022 weekly horoscope

June 2022 horoscope

This week is all about allowing yourself to express your creativity freely. To be creative doesn’t mean that you have to be a high caliber artist that constantly creates masterpieces that transform the world. It can just doodling in a notebook, or perhaps experimenting in the kitchen with a fun recipe. For some of you, it may even be trying out a new skill or even journaling your thoughts and feelings can be incredibly therapeutic. Even if you are in a creative profession – make sure you take time to be creative just for yourself.

It’s okay to have a hobby. Not everything you enjoy doing needs to be a side-hustle nor does it need to be marketed and sold. You are a creative spirit! After all, you are ruled by the moon – the luminary that rules creativity as a whole. To say you aren’t is basically short-changing yourself of your true potential. And the avenues to explore this aspect in the age of internet are plenty. From YouTube tutorials, to numerous blogs, and for those who wish to take it up a notch – there’s always Skillshare (perhaps taking a subscription could be a powerful investment in many ways). Just be sure you’re doing it for yourself and no one else.

Leo August 2022 weekly horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

This week is all about washing away the old to welcome the new for Leos. For some of you, it may mean a much needed detox. For some, it may mean clearing all the clutter from your life that’s serving no purpose – in order to make way for new things that not only empower you, but enable you to enjoy life to it’s fullest! For some of you, it may be time to allow yourself to expel old pent-up emotions so that your energy field is cleansed, and you can shine like the dazzling solar being that you truly are!

Holding onto old emotional wounds can even cripple you (literally and metaphorically), making it harder for you to let the past go. It’s important that you confront them instead of avoiding and repressing them further. In doing so, not only will you make room for a future life of your dreams, but you’ll also have the ability to enjoy the gift of the present to it’s fullest potential. When you do find the strength to forgive (especially yourself), do so with love. Punishing yourself in any which way will only be a disservice to your soul, and will make life all the more harder than it has to be.

Virgo August 2022 weekly horoscope


To quote the fellow earth sign, Cher (who sings the lyrics penned by fellow Virgo – Diane Warren), “Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes.” Yes, you pride yourself on your honesty, and ability to see things for what they are and tell it like it is. However, sometimes words can truly hurt. After all, there is great magical energy in our words – which is why they’re “spelled”. Thus, this week, be more mindful with your words, for if used carelessly, they can truly wound someone on the soul level. The hurt we may cause with our words, will be felt by us three times harsher. Imagine the impact of negative self-talk and harsh criticism that we subject ourselves to.

Kindness truly can go a long way. People learn better when they’re taught lessons with love instead of bitterness. Just think back to all your teachers from school. The impact the more kind and nurturing ones had on us is far more empowering than those that used harsh critical means to teach us. True, some may say we need to face the harshness of life in order to survive better. What they don’t realise is that that very same harshness gets stored deep within us and even our energy field – and their damage is ultimately felt in ways that can be potentially beyond repair. Thus, approach others (and yourself) with compassion and kindness.

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Libra August 2022 weekly horoscope

This week is all about shattering the walls we have around us. It’s important to remember that there is a big difference between a boundary and a wall. Boundaries allow us to stay protected, while still being in touch with the world, and enabling us to grow and prosper in a healthy and loving manner. Walls, though they may protect us, can ultimately isolate us, causing us to suffocate by festering in our stale state of being. The more forbidding the walls we surround ourselves with, the more damaging the consequences shall be when they ultimately shatter.

To protect oneself doesn’t mean we rob ourselves of living our lives to the fullest. The only kind of party we can have on our own is essentially a ‘pity-party’. Perhaps, it’s time we mindfully allow ourselves to discover more healthy ways of self-protection that don’t lead to self-isolation. For some it may literally mean moving out of toxic environments. For others, it may mean to just rip apart the illusionary veil that prevents us from seeing the truth of our life, and finally be free with much needed clarity. Why live a sickly life, when you can live one that’s filled with vitality and joy?

Scorpio August 2022 weekly horoscope

August 2022 horoscope

This week, it’s important you ask yourself, what is it that’s keeping you caged? What is trapping you and inhibiting your growth and evolutionary progress? What are those limiting belief-systems that are causing you to see the world through nihilistic lenses, instead of witnessing and celebrating all the love and joy that ‘The Universe’ has to offer? Answering these questions can be the first and very important step towards your healing journey. It’s important that you be incredibly honest with yourself while doing so. It’s important that you remember that even though the truth of your situation may be harsh and bitter – facing and embracing it will ultimately set you free.

Freedom truly comes when we learn to let go. However, with that freedom comes the responsibility to take care of ourselves. No, that doesn’t mean we are left alone. There’s a big difference between being independent versus being alone. The former allows us to take back our power, and lead life on our terms without being weighed down by the baggage of our past (no matter how traumatic it may be). The latter just leads us to remain chained to toxic and codependent patterns, entrapping us in vicious cycles. Taking on independence gives us great power, but with it comes the great responsibility of taking care of ourselves well enough so as not to repeat those vicious toxic patterns.

Sagittarius August 2022 weekly horoscope

August 2022 horoscope

The more we focus on the past, the more we remain stuck within it, causing us to be consumed by sorrow constantly. The past is over, and no matter how much we try, the damage it cannot be undone. It can, however, be healed. The ways to heal it are plenty. If need be, do not hesitate working with a qualified therapist to help you along the way. The key thing to remember is that we need to forgive those who have harmed us along the way, as well as, forgive ourselves for the ways we feel that we’ve failed ourselves. Carrying such an intense baggage will not only weigh us down, but will prevent past wounds from healing, and thus prevent us from leading a happy and fulfilling life.

It’s important for us to remember that repressing the past won’t undo the damage – it’ll just cause us to live in denial. Part of the journey of being free from the past is to confront and acknowledge it. After all, ‘knowing is half the battle’ – accepting it will propel us on the path to victory. Yes, it can be painful to face our past, but we need to remember that all pain is only temporary, and ultimately can be incredibly transformative. Remember, you are not alone in this. There are many who genuinely love you, and are all the more willing to help you along your healing journey. All you have to do is ask.

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Capricorn August 2022 weekly horoscope


Sometimes, the only way out is to move forwards. Yes, the journey ahead can seem incredibly long, and in many ways be very scary. However, there’s no point in constantly being stuck in limbo, because it’ll just block you from not only living your life, but accessing opportunities that’ll bring much needed love and success. Yes, sometimes we are so shaken by life’s experiences that a way we choose to cope is to anchor ourselves in order to experience come kind of stability. However, anchors prevent us from moving on. The support we feel from them is only temporary. Thus, perhaps instead of seeking anchors to ground us in the moment, it would be wise enough to plant roots instead.

Roots take more time to grow than anchors, however, roots help keep us nourished and sustained. Roots enable us to not only stand strong, but also gives us the sturdy foundation to grow and branch out, and eventually develop numerous resourceful leaves that not only benefit us, but the world around us. With times, we’ll even grow flowers and fruits – symbolising the beauty of our progress and the rewards we receive for our patient and dedicated efforts. The more healthy our roots are, the more fruitful a life we shall lead!

Aquarius August 2022 weekly horoscope

There’s a great wealth of wisdom if we choose to face and acknowledge the darker aspects of our soul. Darkness isn’t a bad thing. The moon heals us in the darkness of the night sky, while our cells repair and regenerate automatically when we allow ourselves to experience the darkness of sleep. Thus, perhaps one of the most healing experiences we can have is through facing our dark side. The more we supress it and run away from it, the more it’ll haunt us like a shadow that follows us wherever we go. Demons attack us more when we fear them. Their power diminishes greatly when we muster up the courage to face them.

Part of the wisdom we receive from facing our darkness is the knowledge of our true potential. We discover that we are far greater than we believe. So much time and energy is spent in avoiding the darker sides of life that we are sapped to the point where we can’t even appreciate ourselves for what we truly are. This kind of avoidance forces us to put on masks, in order to hide our true selves from the world. Eventually, we get so used to the mask, that we forget what we truly look like underneath it. By facing the darkness, we may be surprised to discover that the mask isn’t covering a disfigured ‘Phantom of the Opera’, but is actually hiding a beautiful soul that’s desperate to live freely.

Pisces August 2022 weekly horoscope


Running away from the truth, will not make it go away. Running away from our responsibilities will only entrap us further. It may seem so easy to just drop everything and run, but at the end of the day, we’ll spend the rest of our lives constantly on the run. Perhaps, this week, it’s high time we stop running and take a much needed pause. Do not fear going back. You haven’t reached the point of no return. That doesn’t mean you continue running. That only means you have the chance to go back and make things right! Yes, it may be scary to do so. The damage that has happened due to your running away may be a lot – but it’s definitely possible to heal it and replace the negative energy with love.

Ask yourself, “What am I running away from? What is keeping us from going back to ‘face the music’? Is that possible that that very ‘music’ can be transmuted to become a beautiful ‘symphony’ instead of a chaotic messy ‘cacaphony’?” Answering these questions can be an important part of not just your healing journey, but also your soul’s overall evolution. More than anything, it’ll at least stop you from deluding yourself any further, and finally face the truth of your very being. Nothing you have done is beyond redemption. You are worthy to live a life without being burdened and haunted by the demons of fear, guilt, shame, and grief.