With The ID.2all Concept Volkswagen Aims To Make E-Mobility Accessible For The Masses

The future is indeed electric but for the foreseeable part, that future may be out of reach for most consumers. Affordability is an issue and despite electric car prices coming down, for the most part it is a segment mostly reserved in the luxury space. Volkswagen however intends to change all that with its new ID.2all concept electric vehicle.

Costing reportedly less than 25,000 euros it is destined to shake up the EV segment by making it more accessible for drivers who want to want a more sustainable mode of transport. The ID.2all is more than just a concept vehicle from Volkswagen as the German automaker will apparently roll-out a production version of the car by as early as 2025.

What’s more, the model will launch with high-tech features such as Travel Assist and IQ.LIGHT and offer an electric range of up to 450km. Pegged as a full-value electric vehicle for every day of the year, the model is designed with a long wheelbase and extremely short overhangs.

It is expected to be as spacious as a Golf and cost less than a Polo. On paper at least, the ID.2all is looking mighty promising, even more so as it alludes to the brand’s new design strategy. The model embodies a new interpretation of the DNA of Volkswagen icons and is built upon the brand’s modular electric drive (MEB) platform.

Fitted with front-wheel drive, it is slated to offer a storage volume between 490 to 1330 litres, a value exceeding that of higher vehicle classes. In terms of performance, the model is fitted with a 166kW/226 PS electric motor, which delivers a 0-100kmh sprint in less than seven seconds. It will also be equipped with DC quick-charging, which allows the battery to achieve an 80 per cent charge in just 20 minutes.

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The concept vehicle is set to further accelerate Volkswagen’s electric offensive over the next few years. Over ten new models are expected to come from the brand by 2026. That said, if Volkswagen is able to realise its dreams for the ID.2all, then expect the brand to continue its stellar record in the compact car segment in the age of electric mobility.

(Images: Volkswagen)