With Ledlenser, Your Next Adventure Is Going To Be Lit

This one is for the nighttime adventurers.

The ones who run restless under the midnight moon, the cool zephyrs against their faces, going where the winds and their legs collude to take them. The ones who climb mountains in twilight, scrambling up under cover of darkness to the top of the world, chasing that glorious sunrise above the clouds. The ones who traverse dim urbanscapes, explorers who discover beatific new experiences in otherwise familiar territory.

Ledlenser was created for nighttime adventurers.

For those of you who have embraced the call of the stars, and taken your runs and workouts to the night or early mornings, visibility needs to be a consideration before venturing out. It’s a two-way thing: the path ahead should be well lit, and you should be able to be easily spotted by passers-by.

One of the most recent revelations in gear for nighttime adventurers and runners is Ledlenser and their wearable gear. The German company has been in the business for over 20 years, and pioneered the use of LED in portable lighting. They are also leaders in headlamps, providing illumination, security and safety for the workplace, at home and, of course, for nighttime runners and adventurers.

Ledlenser’s Neo series headlamps is their lightest and brightest, designed with runners in mind.

Crafted with precision engineering, the Neo headlamps provide balance and comfort as well as illumination.

Incorporating Ledlenser’s latest innovations in LED technology, its Neo range is specially curated to meet different user demands. Runners and adventurers can choose between the NEO1R, Ledlenser’s lightest ever headlamp weighing in at just under 40 grams, or the NEO9R, which shines at 1200 lumens, for those who need to prioritise bright and precise short-range and long-range illumination when they set out. All headlamps in the series come with a reflective headband for added visibility, a flashing rear light for added safety and a battery pack at the back. Some headlamps in the series, specifically the NEO1R, NEO5R and the NEO9R, also feature rechargeable batteries.

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The entire series is crafted using precision engineering and streamline design, with the weight distribution between the lamp and its battery pack ensuring balance and comfort, so it sits snug and fit throughout your run.

Ledlenser Neo Series
The Ledlenser Neo headlamps are designed for all your nighttime workouts

Considering that you’re running at night or in the early morning, you are pushing yourself at a time when most people are winding down their days, or still in bed. The Ledlenser Neo series of headlamps allows you to focus fully on the road ahead towards gains and progress while also ensuring your safety.

If you’re a night owl and like to exercise under the stars, this one should be first in your gear pack.

Ledlenser Neo Series

Find out more about the LedlenserNeo headlamps here. Prices range from S$64.90 to $199.90.