What is Organic Makeup? What makes it Better?

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What is Organic Makeup? What makes it Better? Most natural, organic make up makers invest wholeheartedly in giving you naturally based beauty care products delivered utilizing the most noteworthy potential ingredients. Beauty care products and healthy skin items marked “natural” should pass certain certificate standards. Clients of natural make up products accept they are getting a better and greater item.

What is Organic Makeup? What makes it Better?

Producers of top notch natural beauty care products necessitate that their ingredients are all-regular and come from additive free natural sources that are cold prepared so as not to separate the delicate nutrients of the item.

While each item needs some handling, makers of natural make up do this in a harmless to the ecosystem way. Natural make up skips manufactured additives or those that discharge formaldehyde that can seep into a persons skin.

This implies that no parabens, urea subsidiaries or other formaldehyde-creating items are utilized in their beauty care products. In the same way, no petrochemicals are utilized, which are additives derived from petrol. This incorporates  mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol, acetones or benzene-like properties.

A few beauty care products require extraction methods with solvents. Most substance solvents are genuinely harmful to people and these are stayed away from in natural make up creation. Phthalates, found in plastics, have been known to mirror the chemical, estrogen, and can cause female-related illnesses. These, as well, are kept away from really taking shape and bundling of natural make up.

Generally utilized cleansers, similar to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and related mixtures, are kept out of natural make up and healthy skin items. These are aggravating to the skin and other normal choices are accessible. Moreover, all ingredients in this kind of make up should be ensured natural or be confirmed as being without pesticide.

Numerous manufacturers require that there is no animal testing in the products creative processes. All scents are regular and all fundamental oils come from normal sources. Unique consideration is made to ensure there are no pesticide deposits in any of their natural ingredients.

Fundemental Oils

Fundamental oils are extricated from bark, roots, blossoms, stems and leaves of natural plant sources. They are cold squeezed or steam refined to keep the oil new and not corrupted. Fundamental oils are utilized as natural make up additives, scents also, to make a specific surface. Just modest quantities of fundamental oils are utilized to ensure delicate skin.

Now and again, natural make up can contain iron oxides and titanium dioxide that are prepared artificially however exist in nature. In nature, these minerals contain such a large number of impurities to have the option to be utilized. Likewise, fractionated oil is frequently utilized that is extracted from coconut oil and palm oil. This is viewed as a semi-manufactured item of natural make up.

Since certain organizations can call their item all-normal, buyers need to ask further and really look at the ingredient rundown to ensure the beuty product they are purchasing is, without a doubt, natural.

Ideally, the above data will help buyers keen on buying the most secure, best and most harmless to the ecosystem natural products.

5 Reasons Why Organic is Better

Better for the Environment

A lot of inorganic makeup and other cosmetics usually contain compounds such as petroleum, that come from factories that generate toxic gas.

Aluminium mining is a high paying, dangerous job with a link to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Bad for the workers, bad for the environment.

Organic products use the ingredients that come from natural farming and organic horticulture is very good for the planet.

No Harsh Chemicals

These nonorganic products can include many harmful ingredients including parabens. Phthalates associated with cancer and other problems like type 2 diabetes.

Here are some other ingredients. Introduced into sunscreens, moisturizers, concealers:

Lead: They removed it from pencils at school, from paint and petrol. Lead can cause a high number of health problems and still found in various makeups.


Perfume: Perfume is not only a product, but also a term and contains many different products. It is designed to give a scent to our skin care products. They can cause a variety of problems, from rash, headache, dizziness, discoloration of the skin.


Aluminum: There is nothing wrong with aluminum as a rule. It is when you apply it to the entire skin, it becomes a problem! Aluminum is included in antiperspirants, mostly, but can be found elsewhere. It has Estrogen-like effects that can damage hormone, muscle loss, depression etc

Estrogen-like compounds: With so many estrogenic compounds in makeup and other beauty products, they have found that the disposing of them into the sewerage system has lead to a significant drop in the average male’s testosterone levels. What is to remember when trying these products is that the skin absorbs everything you put into it.
So that the material finally reaches your blood stream, which can lead to serious problems.
Hazardous chemicals used in traditional shampoos These aren’t just your makeup and skin care products
Contains these pollutants and toxins. Consider shampoo…

Dangerous chemicals in hair products:

There are a lot of contaminants in conventional shampoo as there are  in makeup and skincare products. Walking around with chemicals in your hair all day is not very good for you, absorbing chemicals through your skin and also inhaling.

There are many conditioners and shampoos that contain sythetic estrogen compounds and can inhibit the correct level of testosterone being produced.

Amongst young men, there is a low testosterone epidemic and often thought as one of the main reasons why is the use of synthetic shampoos. Some of the symptoms include weight gain, low mood, low energy and possibly infertility.

These are some good reasons to switch to organic shampoos, also supporting overall health with natural oils and nutrients. Providing a more natural, fragrant scent and they can also be cheaper in a lot of instances.


What is Fluoride?

It is widely known that flouride is put into water supplies for caries prevention and bacteria reduction, it is also found naturally.

Although it can be considered an effective tool at fighting cavities it is toxic at high doses and can do damge to to your teeth. It has also been linked to learning disabilities.

Still on the fence about flouride?

The most effective way of collecting flouride is to extract is from industrial waste that is airborne from fertilizer manufacturers.

Different governments adding it to the water has definitely upset a lot of people, with many different reasons and claims.

Flouride is a neurotoxin, which can cause brain damage.

They Are Packed With Nutrients and Smell Wonderful

Organic products don’t contain all these things listed above and thus will not harm your skin.  Far from harming your skin in fact, these organic makeup products will provide you with a ton of natural nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Again, these are absorbed into the body and they can be used to make you look more radiant in the long term as well  as the short.

Often these even include natural antioxidants, which can protect your skin cells and prevent premature aging – as well as fending off cancer!
Here’s the thing to recognize: your body evolved in the wild.
We evolved to thrive in our natural environments, and thus we are physically designed to benefit from the nutrients that
come from the mud, the plants, and the sea. When you apply those to your face, it’s like going home again for your
body. It’s incredible for you. Natural makeups also smell great and feel even better.

Instead of being, harsh, sticky and chemical-smelling. They’ll be soft, moisturising and natural.

Personal & Fun

Natural makeup can be fun and is highly rewarding.

If you make your own organic makeup, you can make it your perfect tone, feel and tone. Also you know It ’s a really delicate and natural tone, just like the material.

They’re Cheap(ish)

There are many reasons to switch to organic products, you are probably wondering what the catch is.

The price is definitely one of the reasons what make organic products so attractive. What adds to that is a lot of the products needed can be made by mixing items already in your cupboard. Saving a trip to the supermarket and start benefiting straight away.


This concludes “What is Organic Makeup? What makes it Better?”

There are many benefits for switching to organic products. Always keep an eye on the ingredients and try to avoid synthetic. Thank you for reading.