The Billionaire Boys Club x Pokemon capsule collection celebrates the legacy of Ash Ketchum, Pikachu and the whole gang.

Okay, I’ll admit it: I never had a Pokemon phase.

Freshly into my 10s and figuring out which persona my double-digits self was about to take on (it was somewhere between James Bond and Star Fox‘s Fox McCloud), I had seemingly just aged out of my interest window for “taming” a cute yellow rabbit-fox-thing via GameBoy.

My friends and I had N64s now; Mario Mario (no, really, that’s his name) and his contemporaries remained an essential anchor to our childhoods, but by the time the thought of catching ’em all debuted in the States, 1998, we’d already learned the maps in Goldeneye like the backs of our tiny little hands. We had remote mines now; there was no going back.

That was before Pikachu and friends became the globe-conquering cultural force they’ve been for the last 25 years. And sure, I dabbled along the way. I cut my teeth on Starmies and Snorlaxes and the like through Smash Bros. appearances; there was also that one summer — 2015? — that we all played Pokemon Go and then forgot about it forever. I even copped Pokémon Legends: Arceus when it dropped for the Switch earlier this year (though I haven’t touched it since).

Nevertheless, to claim Poke-culture as my own would be very poseur of me. And that’s exactly why BBC’s new collab with the colourful crew of pocket monsters has me feeling so conflicted. I mean, tell me this sweater isn’t absolute gas:

A snazzy sweater from the Billionaire Boys Club x Pokemon collection.

The full capsule is six pieces, and in addition to the sweater above, includes a Starfield Pikachu hoodie, a Digibit Pokemon tee, a Mewtwo x BBC Arch Logo tee, a Starfield Pikachu tote and a Pokémon vs Mewtwo rug.

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And given that Kantan Games recently announced that 2021 brought record profits to the franchise, it’s safe to say Pokemon won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Never too late to become a fan, I guess?

The Billionaire Boys Club x Pokemon capsule is available now at BBC’s global flagships in the US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as online at