The Panasonic OLED TV Offers An Incredible Cinematic Experience In Your Living Room

Leap into the world of Panasonic OLED TVs as you immerse yourself in the most outstanding home cinema experience possible.

Don’t you want to feel what you see? Like the movies you see on the silver screen, immersive and multi-dimensional. The ability to step into the films you watch has always been a sought-after experience. People all around the world go to the cinemas to witness their favourite pictures and enjoy being a part of the realms. If you prefer experiencing films at the comfort of your home, you’d want to opt for devices or gadgets that bring the universe right to you. This is when the new Panasonic OLED TV enters the chat.

Every moment can be cinematic with the Panasonic OLED TV, a powerful fusion of technologies and features. It’s truly one for the ages — created to be enjoyed by all. From LZ1000K to LZ2000K, there is a 4K OLED TV for everyone and anyone who desires unparalleled viewing enjoyment. Its very essence boils down to its picture quality, sound quality, Hollywood involvement, and more. The Panasonic OLED TV is also ideal for gamers, if that’s more your speed. Now, let’s take an in-depth dive and learn all about the television. Why is it the go-to for the best home cinema experience?

Say hello to Stefan Sonnenfeld

Panasonic partnered with master Hollywood colourists like Stefan Sonnefeld to up the ante on picture quality

The making of the Panasonic OLED TV involved the expertise of Stefan Sonnenfeld. The much-acclaimed colourist for films such as 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and 2017’s Justice League contributed to the conception of the one-of-a-kind televisions. With intentions to up the ante on picture quality, Panasonic partnered with master Hollywood colourists. These experts helped play their respective parts in the concoction of the television’s clarity, contrast, and colour. So, expect every scene to be as vivid and vibrant as the next.

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In addition, cinema-esque experiences also come from greatly decreased afterimages of speedy-moving parts whereas colour gradation is regulated with skilful finesse. Light and dark tones unite to bring impeccable accuracy to the screen. With the assistance of Stefan Sonnenfeld, Panasonic’s flagship OLED TV has received the gift of tuning by the crème de la crème. Alongside engineers from the Japanese electronics company, they set out to create something as spectacular as possible. after all, visual beauty is the name of the game.

Fun Fact: Stefan Sonnenfled has also worked on films such as Dreamgirls, 300, Uncharted, and Wonder Woman. He’s also Company 3’s (a post-production house) president and co-founder.

Picture perfect quality from the get go

Panasonic OLED TV AI
The television comes equipped with Panasonic’s Master OLED PRO

With the new Panasonic OLED TV, the team at Panasonic embarked on a journey to bring the perspectives of filmmakers to life as much as possible. While it might seem like an uphill battle to some, determination paved the way — lending its hand to the production of these televisions. Among the reasons why the Panasonic OLED TV has enhanced picture quality can be found deep within. It’s equipped with Panasonic’s Master OLED PRO. Offering professional standard of performance, it’s a version of panels like no other. Therefore, it’s out with the conventional and in with the finest.

Panasonic has also fitted the OLED TVs with the HCX Pro AI Processor. Said to provide increased realism and quality to the table, the processor is the mastermind that keeps the television is going.  The invention of the processor is adequate proof that Panasonic’s numerous years of expertise in visual technology is nothing less than breathtaking. As a matter of fact, the processor can amend and adjust the quality of the picture while you’re watching the television. Whether you’re watching the news, Everything Everywhere All At Once, a football match between Liverpool and Manchester City, or your favourite Korean dramas, the OLED TV does what it’s designed to do — analyse, calculate, and rectify.

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Another really exciting feature is Advanced Ambient Sensing. Depending on the brightness of your room, the television immediately fine-tunes the colour to match it. So, you can keep enjoying an authentic affair like no other. This applies the same, be it in the morning, afternoon, or at night.

Sound on, volume up

Panasonic OLED TV
Spherical sound comes from all directions via the television’s built-in woofer, side-firing speakers, and upward-firing speakers

A splendid home cinematic experience isn’t complete without excellent sound quality. With the help of Panasonic’s Auto AI, viewers benefit from the adjustment of sound quality (available with LZ2000). It’s the little changes that go a long way and this is apt example. To take things to a whole new level, Panasonic has furnished the OLED TV with a 360°sound that’s both lifelike and engaging.

Think of the explosions in Michael Bay’s Transformers films or the enveloping scenes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. Spherical sound comes from all directions via the television’s built-in woofer, side-firing speakers, and upward-firing speakers.  The 360ºsound takes you all the different dimensions and back — like a fun-filled journey all from the comfort of your very own home.

Of gaming, smart features, and aesthetics

Panasonic OLED TV
The range comprises four variants: 48-inch LZ1000, 55-inch LZ1000, 65-inch LZ1000, and the 77-inch LZ2000

The Panasonic OLED TV allows you to smoothly connect with services like YouTube and Netflix. While it works with the remote, the television also responds to voice commands. That’s bonus points for convenience! If you or someone in your family enjoys gaming, the OLED TVs — with the faithful assistance of HCX Pro AI processor — establishes decreased input lag as well as both Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and High Frame Rate (HFR). For anyone who doesn’t know, that means gamers can expect an upgraded and smoother session with their favourite games.

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The new Panasonic OLED TV isn’t just impressive technologically, but also a sight to behold. Sleek and sophisticated, the televisions can effortlessly be adapted into any home design. The latest range comprises four variants: 48-inch LZ1000, 55-inch LZ1000, 65-inch LZ1000, and the 77-inch LZ2000.

There’s really no denying Panasonic’s commitment in the pursuit of greater heights and the new OLED TVs are immaculate illustrations of that very fact. From the highest picture quality to the most superb sound, it’s truly extraordinary how much technology has evolved. Now, you can treat yourself to a cinematic experience (in your pyjamas even) all without having to leave your house. Indeed, true to Panasonic’s tagline of “See It All. Feel It All”.

Learn more about Panasonic OLED TVs HERE.

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