Arthritis Natural Remedies And How To Apply Them

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Welcome to the Natural Remedies for Arthritis guide.  Arthritis doesn’t differentiate when it comes to where it can affect your body. The inflammation of the joints and cartilage can affect any part of the body and some forms of Arthritis can affect the immune system as well like rheumatoid. But there are ways to reduce and relieve the symptoms and in some studies it has been shown that all-natural treatments can diminish the symptoms in some types of arthritis. Whether you are looking for natural remedies for arthritis in hands and feet or what the natural remedies are for arthritis in general, gather around and lets take a look at some of the best natural remedies for arthritis.

Avoid Dietary Allergens



A lot of people with Osteoarthritis have food allergies. Avoiding common allergens is a good place to start. i.e wheat, corn, dairy and beef products. Another helpful tip is to avoid food from the nightshade family. i.e cayenne pepper, aubergine, tomato and potato.




Use “Good” Fats To Reduce Inflammation

Omega-3 Fatty Acids can do wonders for arthritis and one of the most well-known being EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid). EPA is great for reducing inflammation and also helps breakdown the chemicals responsible for blood clotting. Get some of that into you!


Extra Virgin Olive oil should be used as your primary source of fat.



General Exercise

Not talking about extreme generation iron exercise. Low impact aerobic exercising, walks and movement exercises can do wonders for arthritis as well the benefits of overall general fitness. Making use of your hands, feet etc can only be a good thing, helping keep the muscles and joints working properly and reducing stiffness. Look to exercise for 30 min a day and like my old football trainer used to say, “Don’t forget to stretch” and that’s for warming down too.

Reducing excess weight can play a major part in the reduction of symptoms of Arthritis.

Dr Alman M.D, Professor of Medicine of University of California reports that by reducing excessive weight by 10-20 pounds it is possible for arthritic symptoms to completely disappear. It is crucial to consult your doctor though to form a workout plan to achieve your ideal healthiest weight, minimizing the chance of complications.


A form of Ancient Chinese medicine that involves inserting tiny needles (meridians) into specific pressure points around your body. Used for a plethora of ailments and is one of the most researched holistic and natural therapies in the world. Acupuncure Pressure Point Man

Known to keep the chemicals that cause inflammation in check, between two and twenty needles are often positioned near the site of the arthritis pain in a session for around twenty minutes.

It may take several sessions to see results though depending on how bad your arthritis is and it is not an uncommon experience to feel worse at the end of a session while your body tries to correct itself especially for the first couple of times.




To help with rheumatoid arthritis, taking 400mg of Bromelain three times a day between meals can help with joint swelling. For osteoarthritis, 500mg of glucosamine sulphate, three times a day can help with cartilage regeneration, pain reduction and inflammation.


Cayenne Cream

The active ingredient in cayenne cream is capsaicin. Used to take the edge off the pain of arthritis. Apply to the painful areas.


Herbal Anti-inflammatories

Two natural anti-inflammatories are turmeric and ginger. The benefits of taking these two for rheumatoid arthritis seems to be a win-win situation, they taste good and they are good for you. They should be used in your cooking frequently and taking one curcumin capsule, the active ingredient in turmeric, three times a day (400mg) or one powdered ginger capsule (500mg), three times a day to help with inflammation.


Aromatherapy for Arthritis

There are many ways to apply the essential oils to painful aching joints, I’ll start with the most common in my opinion; hot and cold compress, joint massage and soothing soak.

Hot and cold compress can be incredibly calming and relaxing, helping soothe sore muscles and joints. Using essential oils like peppermint or clove, that diminish pain with the hot or cold press can amplify your relief.




Having a bath or a soothing soak with essential oils like helichrysum and eucalyptus can help calm inflamed areas and provide pain reduction and combining them with Epson salts can provide added therapy.

To help relax and ease stiff joints and sore muscles try adding eucalyptus and rosemary, around 5 drops each, to a hot bath and soak yourself for 15 minutes.

Other essential oils that may help are clove, helichrysum, peppermint and ginger.

Joint massage is another way to apply the essential oil directly. Combined with carrier oil you can apply and rub the concoction directly onto sore joints.

Other methods include, spritzers, inhalers, diffusers, creams, lotions, oils, facial steamers and clay masks. But it must be noted that using correct essential oil for each method is, ugh, essential.

Thunder God Vine

Or Triperygium Wilfordii can help with the side effects of rheumatoid arthritis. Native to Taiwan and China, this powerful pain relieving supplement has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine.

Its immuno-responsive and anti-inflammatory properties that are great for arthritis and it has also been used to help treat M.S (Multiple Sclerosis) and Lupus. A 24-week study found that Thunder God Vine was more effective than other commonly used medications in lessening joint pain. Although it is most effective used combined with other conventional medications.

However, it isn’t meant to be used for long term consumption. It has been shown to be possible linked to decreasing levels of bone mineral density in women, and possibly reducing mens sperm count. But depending on your health the risk may or may not be worth it. Talking to doctor is your best bet before making decisions on your pain management.


So hopefully this has shown you some examples of some of the best natural healing remedies for arthritis, I will be adding more to the list as I continue to grow this website. Please feel free to leave a comment to discuss or ask a question.



Until next time,