TAG Heuer Watches Perfect For Men With High-Pressure Lifestyles

Ryan Gosling may not have played a superhero (yet) but in the latest Netflix movie The Gray Man, he gets pretty darned close. The Gray Man is a code name of CIA operative Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six, who operates “in the grey”.

Gosling who happens to be TAG Heuer’s brand ambassador as well, is this international assassin who encapsulates the TAG Heuer motto “Don’t crack under pressure” also so happens to choose the TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands as his choice of timepiece.

The Heuer Carrera, as one might recall, was the original icon that was first created for high-speed pursuits on the racetrack. In its Three Hands guise, it sports a sleek, minimal, uncluttered aesthetic that is analogous of Sierra Six’s own spartan and disciplined mentality. As a symbol of TAG Heuer’s sporty spirit, the TAG Heuer Carrera Date 39 mm which Agent Six expresses the brands undying obsession with readability, since 1963.

In the early 2000s, the TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands was introduced as a less complicated model with the same ethos of utmost legibility. Since then, it has been the embodiment of TAG Heuerʼs unwavering quest for perfect clarity.

Clarity and unwavering focus are key attributes that have been ascribed to other legendary assassins as well (John Wick comes to mind), so seeing Gosling play a character who keeps calm whatever the situation (nary a grunt or a shout), his punches (and guns) speaking louder than he does, perfectly embodies the TAG Heuer’s brand philosophy.

If the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph is the sharpest and most legible way of recording time, the Carrera Three Hands is the sharpest and most legible way of telling time and as such, is the natural successor of the dashboard timers which had been produced by Heuer since the 1930s. With the bolder hands and refined index integration, the Carrera Date 39 mm featuring date at six o’clock has utmost dial readability so Six never misses his target nor his precision timing.

Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition

Whenever the Carrera Panamericana race is mentioned, two brands come to mind: TAG Heuer and Porsche. Oddly, they have never had a collaboration timepiece until 2021. The Carrera has been an iconic name for generations and given TAG Heuer’s strong connection with motorsports, newcomers to watch-collecting often mistake it as a historical association to a certain automobile manufacturer with similar provenance in the realm of automotive racing.

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Having made real the association last year, the two brands are returning to the spotlight for the second chapter in their partnership with a new co-creation: the new TAG Heuer Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition. The 911 Carrera and the TAG Heuer Carrera watch have each been legends among car and watch enthusiasts; combined with the Carrera Panamericana race of equal repute and mystique, the La Chaux-de-Fonds manufacture deepens the collaboration with its second chapter.

The TAG Heuer Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition is based on the emblematic TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph with Calibre Heuer 02 featuring a column wheel and a vertical clutch for an exceptional chronometric performance.

Aesthetically speaking, the Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition leans closer to its race car muse by adopting Porsche’s racing yellow typically reserved by the automotive maker’s sportiest of vehicles. The Pantone hue can be seen in the Porsche logo on the bezel, as well as on the lacquer in the crown and in the graphic details present in small touches on the dial and on the second hand.

The colour yellow is also present in the luminescence of the Super-LumiNova. Diamond-like carbon renders the case in a high-quality black treatment which elegantly reinforces the brightness of the yellow with a contrasting effect. The black dial has a texture inspired by the metallic bodywork of cars with a slightly glittery effect.  Returning are the two black asphalt-effect sub-dials used on its predecessor.

Finally, the textile-inspired leather strap with double stitching that drew on the seat upholstery of Porsche cars and developed for the previous version, returns in a matching black-yellow colourway.

The TAG Heuer Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition is engraved with edition nomenclature “One of 1500” and comes in a custom-made box in the colours of the edition.

Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver

One year after announcing the reimagining of the Aquaracer, TAG Heuer unveils its new Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver – an even more extreme and robust edition of their bread-and-butter tool watch. A big brother to the Aquaracer Professional 300, TAG Heuer’s new Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver ranks among the dive watches for the most hardcore saturation divers.

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A timepiece with exceptional performance, the Professional 1000 Superdiver represent an important milestone for TAG Heuer: the first timepiece from the brand using calibre TH30-00 produced by Kenissi Manufacture SA. The TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver belongs to the ultimate category designed for professional divers and after 40 years of developing dive watches, can be considered emblematic of the brand’s essence and unique expertise in this area.

That said, the Professional 1000 Superdiver is by no means the brand’s first 1,000-metre deep diving timepiece; it follows icons from decades ago like the Heuer 1000m diver from 1982 and Super Professional from 1984, both designed for the most serious of divers, finding use with prestigious organisations such as La Spirotechnique, the company founded by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Sizable, the 45 mm Aquaracer Professional 1000 is seriously hefty at almost 16 mm thick, yet it is still one of the slimmest tool watches in the deep dive watch category. That said, the timepiece is made entirely from grade five titanium, allowing for a finish that is remarkably similar to steel while offering outstanding ergonomics due to its reduced weight.

Forged with black ceramic and a unique composite made of a hybrid material incorporating ceramic with an orange colour specifically developed for TAG Heuer, the first quarter of the dodecagon or 12-sided bezel is orange, highlighting the portion most often used for timing decompression stops, a key technical detail used extensively by divers.

Connected Calibre E4

Launching two watches, each highlighting an aspect of TAG Heuer’s Connected identity showcasing the brand’s trademark design codes and its ever-growing ecosystem of sports activities and wellness apps: the new Connected Calibre E4 series comprising a larger 45 mm and 42 mm model offers two guises that can satisfy mechanical watch aficionados.

For a long time, a major conceit with “smartwatches” is that many of them failed to communicate the tactile look and feel of a “proper watch”. Now, with watch faces inspired by TAG Heuer’s iconic watchmaking chronographs offering wearers the chance to explore TAG Heuer’s 160 years of expertise in fine watchmaking and buttons which replicate the push tension of a mechanical chronograph, the Connected Calibre E4 pushes the envelope a little further with just how much further a Swiss watchmaker can take the connected watch concept.

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With a thinner case showcasing ergonomic steel pushers, a thin bezel and a bracelet fully integrated into the design, the 42 mm version of the watch is arguably the more sophisticated and refined of the two, with aesthetics enough to look good for formal events or while playing sports.

The 45 mm model combines a sporting design with the feel of a traditional high-end timepiece, with a strong ceramic bezel. The crown has a large diameter, and stands out from the watch, so there’s lots of room for a finger to access the crown, meaning it can be adjusted and used just using a fingertip.

It’s not just the collection and its myriad of watch faces (“Riverside” watch face is animated with an immersive futuristic effect of time elapsing, and the new “Wellness” watch face offers information on exercise) that can suit every mood and customer but also the variety of straps, including a leather or steel strap for a more refined look; or multicoloured rubber straps for a more sporty, rugged feel.

Furthermore, a substantial jump in battery life and LED screen technology has meant that the Connected Calibre E4 can start to rival the “always on” dial of a mechanical timepiece. The new high-fidelity screen offers industry-leading quality and contrast, particularly outdoors, where watch faces and notifications and sport metrics will remain visible even in strong sunlight, thanks to a strong contrast ratio.

On the 45 mm model, users can enjoy a full day of battery life, even with five hours of using the golf functions. On the 42 mm model, they can enjoy a full day using the wellness app before the battery runs out.

TAG Heuer has also added new digital features to its watch faces, delivering up-to-the-moment information on weather, wellness and calendar delivered directly to the watch face. These easy-to-read information panels offer information such as a five-hour weather forecast, activity time and wellness-focused information including charts of steps taken per day and are integrated into the screen of TAG Heuer’s watch faces.

(Images TAG Heuer)