Holistic Eczema Treatment & Natural Remedies Guide

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Hi and welcome to the “Holistic Eczema Treatment and Natural Remedies Guide”. Eczema is not a single disease, but a general term for a group of related skin diseases caused by similar symptoms. This is how skin rashes and autoimmune diseases can be described. Usually, dryness occurs on the hands, elbows, feet, knees, and face. The rash in the contaminated area begins to itch and becomes more red and swollen when scratched.


Holistic Eczema Treatment & Natural Remedies Guide



The disease is not contagious, but can last for a long time. In addition, its strength will change during its service life. Some children may be overly allergic, while others are still very fragile. The symptoms and intensity of skin inflammation vary from patient to patient. There are many types of eczema. In addition to the most common atopic dermatitis, there are six other diseases.

Variants, different treatment methods and side effects. All of these must be determined with the help of experts to ensure that a specific method is adopted for each case.

Atopic dermatitis is the most common type of disease. It is very common in children and is usually associated with asthma and hay fever. Other types may be caused by contact with allergies, stress, inappropriate hydration, insect bites, changes in temperature, pressure, and even genetic susceptibility.

The appearance and side effects of each case are different. The only thing they have in common is that they are dry, painful skin types that should not be scratched. There is no single opinion on the cause of eczema. According to the latest research, various types of eczema are caused by different factors. Especially children whose parents have eczema are much more likely to develop eczema.

If both parents have the disease, the risk is doubled. Most importantly, an impressive list of external sources may affect the bodies of vulnerable people and cause inflammation. Hazard sources can be divided into internal and external types. Allergic chemicals, temperature, food, and dust can cause the skin to deform from the outside, while stress and hormonal changes can affect symptoms from the inside.

Eczema is mainly spread between children. They are also more difficult to deal with. Since dermatitis is cured based on an assessment of the cause, the process may become blurred when children are involved. In this case, adults usually try to minimize the exposure of vulnerable children to the list of recognized dermatitis triggers.

Attention should be paid to the time and circumstances when physical and mental stress may occur. Eczema is a special type of disease. For everyone, the source of pollution, the location and type of volcanic eruption are specific.

However, different people may have the same symptoms, especially if they are familiar. Its main symptom is itching, and various manifestations can be experienced, from mild irritation to dangerously annoying.

The second situation prompts the patient to scratch the infected part of the skin until it bleeds, thereby worsening their health. The type of skin inflammation may vary. In every case of contact with unwanted substances, the itching and inflammation completely disappeared or reappeared.

It is strongly recommended seeing a local doctor to distinguish the type of eczema and determine its treatment. Traditional eczema treatment consists of a series of basic steps aimed at stabilizing the patient’s condition and minimizing the impact of the disease on the human body.


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This disease is mainly caused by a specific allergic reaction to an external trigger. The first step for everyone is to determine what caused their illness and minimize unnecessary interactions.

Also avoid using substances known to cause dermatitis. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you be especially careful; specifically, to moisturize the skin, avoid stressful situations and avoid scratching. Remedies can also be used according to the situation to minimize inflammation.

Antibiotics are used to protect people from extreme skin infections. Antihistamines can prevent and help reduce itching. Drugs containing corticosteroids can be divided into internal and external drugs. In this case, external use is very popular, while internal use can cause various side effects and can only be used in emergency situations. For certain types of dermatitis, immunomodulators and wet bandages can also be used.

At the same time, traditional medicine cannot cure, which has prompted society to seek natural remedies for this disease. In some cases, long-term homeopathy can reduce side effects. This method can assess the patient’s personality, preferences, mental state, and even family problems.

There are a variety of daily consumer products that can have a positive impact on the progression of the disease. They include kimchi, rice, soybeans, and oats.

Supplementing vitamins B, D, and E nutrition and eating iodine-containing foods may also help.

The specific components of the bath minimize the risk of inflammation caused by water. In rare cases, probiotics can have a positive effect on the condition. Most importantly, various homemade recipes are centered around moisturizing the skin.

Eczema mainly destroys the skin’s self-fullness and self-moisturizing process, so various oils can be used to restore balance. There is no cure for eczema.

However, it can be controlled to the extent that there are almost no symptoms.

People have inherently induced diseases; finding out the cause helps self-care. The flow of disease is also individualized. At the same time, there is no single opinion on the form of self-care, because traditional medicine and natural medicine have their strong and fragile sides. In most cases, as long as there is no source of skin inflammation, eczema can be treated.


Types of Eczema

Do you know what type of eczema you have? There are many types of eczema, and people who suffer from one type of eczema often suffer from another type. Some main forms of eczema are listed here.


Atopic Eczema

You are born with a genetic predisposition for atopic eczema, but the environment may also be a cause. This is a sign of an overactive immune system. It is more common in children and shows signs in the first few months of life.

Atopic eczema is increasing in sufferers more and more regularly as time goes on.

Statistics from the UK alone show us that school-age children account for 20% of patients with atopic eczema and adults account for 5%. In this case, the body produces a large amount of IgE protein, which is a protein that represents the immune system’s protection of cells. Cause an allergic reaction.

We all have this protein, but due to increased sensitivity to certain substances, whether to touch, eating certain foods and liquids, and inhaling and breathing particles in the air, the incidence of atopic eczema is higher. The problem is that the immune system is overactive, causing skin inflammation. With atopic eczema, you may also suffer from irritant contact eczema, and are prone to hay fever and asthma.

The most common allergens in patients with atopic eczema are dust mites or bed bugs, which are known to be pollen, fur, skin and feathers of pets. Other allergens include yeast found in the body and foods such as milk, soy, wheat, nuts and eggs.

Ideally, find out what you are allergic to and stay well clear. Perform blood tests to help diagnose the cause. Acne can manifest as dry, hot, and itchy skin around the neck, knees, wrists, face, and eyelids.



Asteatotic Eczema

Asteatotic Eczema

Seen more in older people, often located in the leg region, it has red itchy characteristics.



Discoid Eczema


Discoid Eczema

People of all ages tend to suffer from discoid eczema, but it is mainly seen in older men. Adults tend to overreact to stress and alcohol. Among children and young people, people with atopic eczema tendencies are common.


Seborrhoeic Eczema

Seborrhoeic Eczema

It is mainly seen in adults, with large areas of sweat glands in the body. Caused by a harmless yeast called pityrosporum anti-yeast treatment will help.

Due to the large number of fatty glands, they are mainly found on the scalp, face, armpits and groin. This condition can range from mild flaky skin to severe skin becoming irritated, greasy and inflamed. For scalp problems, anti-yeast shampoo can help control it.

For severe cases, coal tar shampoo and selenium shampoo are usually used. Babies are prone to this form of cradle cap eczema on the scalp and skin folds. Since her skin is so delicate, you must be sure of the products you use. Some recommended products include moisturizers, anti-fungal creams and steroid creams.

A water-based cream mixed with salicylic acid can help soften the hard peeling of the cradle cap. Then wash it with baby shampoo. A natural holistic eczema treatment option is to rub olive oil on the scalp. This is a traditional treatment that has existed for many years.




Irritant Contact Eczema


This is very common form of eczema, caused when you make contact with a substance that triggers a hypersensitivity reaction, and then cause an allergic reaction due to skin irritation.

Occupations such as hairdressers, food workers, cleaners, food handlers, nurses, and medical staff that need to repeatedly wet their hands are the main people who suffer from irritant contact eczema. This is due to frequent exposure to certain substances and chemicals found in the daily necessities we use in our homes and workplaces. Irritant Contact Eczema

About 85% of the culprits are soap, detergent and food. Bleaching agents, rubber, skin medications, hairdressing chemicals and perfumes are particularly common causes, as are paints and many products used in crafts, such as glues.

It is impractical to try to avoid many of these problems found in the workplace and daily activities, so it is recommended to wear protective gloves. Since the rubber in most gloves makes the situation worse, you should use cotton-lined gloves or buy a pair of thin and breathable cotton gloves to wear inside rubber gloves.

This will also help and prevent excessive sweating that may occur when wearing rubber gloves for a long time, and reduce the chance of sudden attacks. The appearance is the same as normal eczema, and the treatment method is the same as that of allergic contact eczema. It is important to keep your hands moisturized to prevent cracking of the skin. Try to find organic, chemical-free barrier creams, because steroid creams are known to make some people’s eczema worse.



Allergic Contact Eczema


Allergic Contact Eczema

If you are prone to any of these irritating problems, you can perform a patch test to determine the possible cause. The immune system recognizes certain substances in contact with the skin as foreign bodies, and the skin responds to them. Symptoms include crying, itching, and redness on the surface of the skin. Symptoms usually occur around the area of direct contact and then spread when immune cells begin to work. It is important to observe the symptoms early because you can better determine the cause and avoid it in the future. We use some products that we don’t know about in our daily lives. Some of them and examples of their uses are listed below:


Those you may know:

  • Perfume
  • Nickel-jewelry, studs on pants, bra clips, butterfly earrings backs
  • Plants-allergic reactions from breathing and physical contact, e.g hay fever



Those you may not be aware of:

  • Rubber – some of our clothing and shoes contain rubber and other chemicals
  • Epoxy resins – hobby craft adhesives
  • Colophony – used for plasters
  • Paraphenylenediamine – some henna products and hair dyes that are black
  • Potassium dichromate – leather products
  • Cetearyl alcohol – emollient creams
  • Neomycin – antibiotic
  • Fusidic acid – antibiotic
  • Steroid creams – hydrocortisone
  • Lanolin – moisturizer


As you will see, the ingredients in steroid creams and moisturizers used to treat eczema may themselves be the cause of skin reactions.

At this point, the actual treatment being used may make the problem worse rather than better. You may also want to avoid close contact with anyone who has cold sores.




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The Diet for Beating Eczema – Holistic Eczema Treatment


The first place to start is with the food pyramid. If your dermatitis is caused by indigestion, the following natural diet plan will control it. In my experience, in some cases, these types of eczema patients even claim to have found a cure for their condition, so you have 100% hope.

Even if your cause is not lack of food, if you follow the following eating habits, your dermatitis will be significantly improved.

This natural anti-eczema diet plan is suitable for anyone who is not allergic to the ingredients it is made up of.


Nature Diet – Basic Guidelines

From the food pyramid that we all know, I will tell you what kind of food you can eat from top to bottom:-Fat and sugar: The only fat we consume will be in the form of olive oil, whether it is used for frying or not (in Saturated form), salad or our source of animal protein.

Remove sugar before dieting.

Let me say it again: we will not eat any sugar or sweeteners. The only thing we can eat is honey, not commercial honey (they contain preservatives and added sugar).

We will use 100% natural honey, which is easily available in herbal shops. As I have already told you, forget any other “honey” you can find in the supermarket. We will also use sugar in the form of fructose, which is naturally contained in fruits.

-Dairy products: Absolutely not.

-Animal protein: chicken.

Chicken-based diet. No eggs, no pork, no red meat, so is veal, and occasionally some salmon (an important source of Omega-3).

-All kinds of vegetables: We can bring all kinds vegetables, salty stew or whatever you like best. One thing to remember is not to use vinegar in salads. Also no weird sauces (in a few lines I will discuss what we can’t eat).

-Fruit: Eat at least three slices of fruit a day, if you peel it off, the effect will be better. But beware of allergies. For example, Some people can’t eat bananas or pineapples because they make them sick. I also don’t recommend taking them before bed, especially if they are acidic.

-Legumes: We can eat chickpeas, lentils and beans. I have tried these without any problems. -Dried fruits: People with poor stomach can’t eat them because they can cause terrible intestinal pain. Therefore, if this is the case, I suggest you avoid using them.

-Carbohydrates: rice, whole grains and seeds (mixed and all). It is forbidden to use bread and flour, even if they are rice flour or rice flour cakes and pastries. No rice noodles. We can only cook rice or stew: this will be our only source of carbohydrates.

People receiving treatment usually use 50% whole grains and seeds only for treatment. Carbohydrate intake is very important, so you can eat a lot of rice in your meals. The advantage of rice is that it has many cooking possibilities. No potato or grain can match the versatility of rice.

Therefore, for this diet, you cannot eat any grains other than rice; there is nothing to replace it, no corn, only brown rice.

Everything can be reduced to fruits, oils, vegetables, chicken, vegetables, rice and honey (the latter is moderate, too much honey can cause severe stomach problems and weight gain, the recommended dosage is 2-3 tablespoons per day).

Your favorite infusion will be a supplement to this diet. Honey is always added without any artificial flavors. In fact, herbal tea is an effective aid in the digestion process.

Okay, this is the whole content of the guide, but for a deeper understanding, I will give some simple notes. Follow this:-We are not allowed to bring cakes or anything that contains any flour. -We are not allowed to bring anything that is not on the previous list, or contains sauces that we don’t know the source. -We do not allow any precooked food.

-We are not allowed to drink soft drinks or juices purchased in commercial stores. Absolutely not; but we can make delicious kimchi with honey and ice cubes! -We must not drink alcohol. We must be especially careful with fermented beverages, such as beer, wine, cider, etc.

We should not take vinegar or anything that contains alcohol, such as olives, pickles, etc. This is not to limit their social activities, so don’t worry. If you want to have a drink, please drink a good brand of rum at that special event (please one of them is more than $36 per bottle!), and you will have no problem.

Always take it in moderation and resume an eczema-free diet! -We can’t believe what the waiter in a bar or restaurant told us. Please remember that we can only ship fruits, oil, vegetables, chicken, beans, rice and honey. For example, if we stew chicken in a bar and there is flour in it, then the diet will be useless.

-We don’t allow tomato sauce or fried tomatoes; if we want to eat fried tomatoes, we can buy sieved tomatoes without additives (some are inevitable, but the less the better). Add a pinch of salt and pepper oil, put in a low-medium heat for 10 minutes, and a delicate fried tomato will come out. -We do not allow any candy, even if it does not have sugar, chewing gum or the like. -We do not allow any snack bags.

-We don’t allow coffee.

-We don’t allow any sausages, absolutely none. It’s not chicken sausage either. (Look at the ingredients, you will be surprised to find that there is very little chicken in it. What a scam! ). We cannot eat anything that we have not cooked ourselves. Therefore, please follow the pyramid ingredient list, yes, we can take this effective natural diet method to fight eczema at the beginning.

As you can see, the diet is straightforward, which makes it very strict. But I encourage you to reveal why and how hundreds of people stick to it. They are people who are willing to do anything. They really like anything more than a body covered with scars.

This is the quality and level of healing power that this lovely diet plan has, and you will see it on the next page! In addition to diet, it is strongly recommended taking any vitamin supplements that do not contain flour or yeast.

Some people take Solgar Formula VM-75.

Finally, we must take a probiotic called “Saccharomyces boulardii” sold by many affordable companies such as “NOW FOODS” or JARROW FORMULAS.

Although it is not a drug, it is the only probiotic that has been shown to keep the gastric acid barrier alive.

After dinner, take half a tablespoon of baking soda. It should be noted that bicarbonate provides sodium (salt) for our diet, and the recommended daily dose is 2.5 grams per day, so we must reduce our dietary salt intake.

In just 15 days, you should begin to notice a fundamental improvement in your dermatitis; this is the power of this diet plan!

As you will see with your own eyes, this well-designed diet is comparable to any traditional, alternative, or chemical-based treatment, and outperforms any other treatment.

In my experience, this is the most accurate way of eating and the only tool your body desires. It has changed the lives of thousands of people. Perfectly control your dermatitis and provide revolutionary power to cure your acne.

It does not require any special elaboration. Just follow the above suggestions and you can design what your body needs to repair by yourself.

The diet is as follows, you can vary according to the pyramid guidelines. Go ahead.



Natural Remedies

Avocado and Aloe Vera Mask

  • The mask can be used on the face to relieve the symptoms of eczema, and can also be used as a paste on other affected parts of the body.
  • 1 avocado, mashed.
  • 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel
  • Mix the ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Apply topically to the face or other parts of the body.
  • Keep it for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  • Dry.


Coconut Oil Moisturizer

  • This pure and simple coconut oil moisturizer has a long shelf life.
  • Make a whole batch and use as your main face and body moisturizer as needed.
  • One cup of unrefined coconut oil
  • Two drops of calendula essential oil
  • Mix these ingredients in a jar.
  • Apply to face and body as a regular moisturizer.
  • When not in use, seal the coconut oil moisturizer in a jar.


Oatmeal Bath Soak

  • Use this relaxing oatmeal soaking bath by floating the bag in the bathtub and gently rubbing the entire body with it.
  • A cup of certified gluten-free rolled oats.
  • A bag of nut milk or cheesecloth.
  • Fill a bag of nut milk with oatmeal or place the oatmeal on cheesecloth and seal the top with a rubber band or string.


Olive Leaf Salve

  • For eczema that needs a long time to heal, apply this olive leaf ointment during the day or night, and wear gloves or clothes to protect the area.
  • Half a cup of pure shea butter.
  • Two drops of olive leaf extract.
  • Mix the ingredients in a jar.
  • As needed, apply as an ointment to the affected areas of the body and face


Apricot Kernel Oil Moisturizing Cream

  • Use this gentle healing cream on the face or body. It has a subtle fragrance and feels very smooth.
  • Half a cup of unrefined cocoa butter.
  • A quarter cup of unrefined almond oil.
  • A quarter cup of unrefined neem oil.
  • Mix all ingredients in a blender, food processor, or hand blender.
  • Put it in an airtight jar until ready for use.


Olive Oil and Lavender Massage Oil

  • Lavender has something that seems to calm the mind, which also helps calm the body.
  • Before going to bed at night, apply a large amount of this olive oil and lavender massage oil to the affected area or body.
  • One cup of unrefined olive oil
  • Two drops of lavender essential oil
  • Mix the ingredients in a jar.
  • Keep sealed between uses.


Avocado Oil Soap

  • The key to getting a mild liquid soap from this formula is to start with a completely pure vegetable soap.
  • Look for a base oil that contains coconut oil, hemp, or another completely natural vegetable oil.
  • A four-ounce bar of natural soap.
  • A gallon of water.
  • Half a cup of unrefined avocado oil.
  • Grate the whole bar of soap with a cheese grater.
  • Set aside.
  • Bring the water to a boil. Keep away from heat sources.
  • Pour the grated soap into the water and let it stand for fifteen minutes.
  • Stir with a hand mixer until creamy.
  • Add the avocado oil and continue stirring for another minute. Let cool.
  • Pour into a container with a pump for use


Gentle Face Cleanser

  • This gentle facial cleanser is natural and very suitable for calming inflammation.
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt or coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon of smooth, dry elm powder
  • Mix the ingredients and apply to your face.
  • Gently wipe the entire face in a circular motion for twenty seconds.
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry


Turmeric Tea

  • This eczema recipe begins to balance the inside of the body so that it can receive the benefits of external healing.
  • 2 cups of filtered water
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1 lemon wedge
  • Boil the water gently.
  • Add turmeric and let it steep for five to ten minutes.
  • Add honey and lemon to taste. Enjoy


Stinging Nettle Tea

  • Healing is an internal job, but this nettle tea has a dual role when consumed every day and is used as a soothing topical skin care.
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 4 tablespoons nettle tea
  • 4 tablespoons raw honey
  • Bring the water to a gentle boil.
  • Add nettle leaves and soak for five to ten minutes.
  • Add honey.
  • Drink a cup of tea every day, and then use a cloth dipped in the remaining tea to smear the affected area.
  • No need to rinse.

More Natural Remedies… (Complimentary Therapies)

Herbal Therapy

  • Red Clover, nettles, burdock root, borage help soothe inflamed skin
  • Chickweed, comfrey, burdock, marigold as a compress or ointment, help soothe irritated skin
  • Elderfower, chickweed and marigold combined together in equal parts and used for a facial steam can help with acne.
  • Dandelion, cleavers, burdock and echinacea, yellow dock and red clover can be infused as a tea and drunk for acne.



Short warm baths are beneficial for cleansing caked skin and debris. Gently pat yourself dry and apply suitable therapeutic oils depending on your condition.



Using 5 drops of lemon, cypress and juniper essential oils in around 60 grams of water. Mix thoroughly and soak the area affected by acne several times a day. For using overnight mix the essential oils with a carrier oil

During an acute attack of eczema dab lavender essential oil onto the affected area.

Using geranium, chamomile and lavender essential oils in a bath or as a compress can help with eczema. Do not use on broken skin.

Adding lavender, lemon and tea tree essential oils in a foot bath can help with athlete’s foot.



Although the cause of eczema is still undetermined, it turns out that the combination of pollution and genetics has been proven to be the main cause of affecting our immune system, which is reflected in our skin. To the outside world, the inherent environmental factors are the cause of eczema.

We must raise awareness to protect our environment from pollution and avoid various environmental factors that may be the root cause of atopic dermatitis. Reducing exposure to environmental allergens, harsh soaps, detergents, and sudden changes in temperature and lowering stress levels have been shown to be beneficial for most people with eczema.

By better understanding your condition, you will be able to develop this instinct to guide you in choosing foods and actions that your body needs to heal. Knowledge is the key; understand you and your conditions.

The diets and recipes provided can and should be different, putting key ingredients or equivalents at the core of each recipe. Permanent hydration and omega-3 and 6 supplements are the preferred solution for lovers of natural remedies for eczema. Recent scientific studies seem to support the idea that eczema can be successfully treated with omega-3s and 6s.

Through this intense and enlightening journey, I have provided you with guidelines, facts and remedies that will put you on the right path of treating eczema.

In addition, I hope you cultivate a deeper level of awareness to better guide your renewed life and actions with your holistic eczema treatment.

Please let me know if anything in this post has helped. Do you know of any other remedies that can help with eczema?

Thank you for reading and kind regards,