gatsby THE DESIGNER, The Hair Styling Range That Hair Stylists Can Count On

Hair styling products with a wax base are seeing a resurgence of popularity. Unlike many products out there, hair waxes demonstrate a versatility that can be used with a variety of hair types, textures, and lengths. However, GATSBY, the experts in men’s grooming have launched gatsby THE DESIGNER – a range of hair styling products that combine the advantages of grease, gel and clay.

For those of us familiar with gel formulations and Brylcreem (a hair cream created in 1928 by County Chemicals at the Chemico Works in Bradford Street, Birmingham, England), you’ll notice that other hair styling products don’t quite have the precision, the flexibility of creating a layered look and many of them simply harden, leaving your hair crunchy and Lego-like. Hair wax not only has holding power but gives your style a more natural look.

The downsides 

Despite all the styling advantages of wax, premium formulations tend to emphasise holding power  over other considerations, this means that there’s substantial “tackiness” and “stickiness” when you’re applying the product. As you’re running your fingers through your hair, you will notice that the “holding power” from these formulations also removes fingers full of hair from your scalp. The chemical nature of wax and some other hair styling productions also means that it tends to be insoluble in water and you need to use a deep cleaning shampoo to get rid of it. If it’s not thoroughly removed, a mixture of wax and scalp oil can build up on your scalp.  What results often is: irritation, itch and dandruff flare ups.

Introducing a better way, the GATSBY way: with gatsby THE DESIGNER

gatsby THE DESIGNER is a new premium hair styling range from Mandom Corp, the makers of popular hair wax, GATSBY. Designed to be easy to wash off and gentle on hair, it marks one of the few occasions that a studio grade hair styling range is available on the consumer market outside of hair salons. 

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Comprised of wax, grease and clay formulations, gatsby THE DESIGNER is also one of the few, if not only hair styling products to possess a natural fougere scent which conveys a sensation not unlike freshly shampooed hair. Fougere meaning ‘fern-like’ in French and describes one of the main fragrance families. gatsby THE DESIGNER imparts fresh floral notes like jasmine and freesia accompanied by a clean savon note, leaving your hair feeling fresh and “non waxy”, it is quite literally the most natural of hair styling products and we haven’t even gotten to the application yet.

On the fingers and in the hair

Balancing the needs of holding power and ease of use, The product surprises us for its lack of tackiness given its incredible holding power. Furthermore, hair remains malleable with just a thin layer of the product on your finger tips. This means you can adjust your style throughout the day without worrying about mess or unsightly residue or unpleasant feel on your fingers or on your hair. This can be good for minor touching up or more significant changes as you go from your day look to a more exciting, after work look for a night out.

The Team Trials gatsby THE DESIGNER: Amos Look 1 with EXTREME CLAY

This EXTREME CLAY is a potent one; a pea-sized amount goes a long way. Lightweight with a high viscosity, the clay affords a medium hold and matte finish. Though it has a strong holding power, we would still suggest following up with a hairspray, especially for hairstyles with high volume. It works well for textured haircuts like the french top, quiff, and curtain fringe.

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Jonathan Look 1 with HARD WAX

The dynamism of HARD WAX makes full use of its balanced strength and flex which allowed Make-up Artist Zoel Tee to take full advantage of formulation and add texture to Jonathan’s short hair. The hard wax enables Zoel to create lift the short hair and arrange it into a pattern of waviness with pushed up bangs, giving a layered and complex look. Given its features, this same lift can also be used to recreate the Mission Impossible “spiky hair” look popularised by Tom Cruise in the 2000s.

By adding variation to the up and back movements, the matte hard wax with dry, natural finish completes the illusion of effortless style for the Editor. More importantly, it’s an incredibly easy look to replicate. The close cropped hair still looks polished but natural rather than “slicked”.

Amos Look 2 with GEL GREASE

The heavier, Chow Yun Fatt “God of Gamblers” hairstyles can utilise glossy GEL GREASE to create a lighter yet cool and wet look. The most obvious advantage of gatsby THE DESIGNER GEL GREASE is that can easily execute a cocktail or formal look with the high gloss of lustrous, ever wet hair while updating avoiding the Lego-hair look by maintaining the rough movements and obvious texture of the hair style. You can also use this product and HARD WAX to add volume to fine hair.

Daryll’s Look with AERO UP WAX


AERO UP WAX is great for anyone who loves a super textural finish. Great on short hair lengths, and slightly wavy hair too without any worry of dampening the curls. This creamy wax allows room for creativity to create different hairstyles, like bangs and curtain fringes, while holding hair in place throughout the day with a glossy finish. It also smells amazing. Ideal for the individual who loves a contemporary fix with the liberty to change the style every now and then.

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Jonathan Look 2 with MODE WAX

The MODE WAX liquid-like consistency glides easily on the hands, and onto slightly damp hair for that effortless soft-hold finish. It is re-mouldable without making the hair look unruly, with just the right amount of texture. Perfect on most short to medium hair lengths that need a considered oomph. After sectioning and running through hair with the product, blow-drying on low heat will set hairstyle into place. It’s shiny but it doesn’t convey a “wet hair” look, adding an air of sophistication to the overall arrangement: think Korean-star Hyun Bin’s casual look.


If you’re looking for a versatile styling tool, the gatsby THE DESIGNER products will be right up your alley. Launched on the 15th of August, the series is up-for-grabs via their website.

(Images: Amos Chin / Edited by: Aaron Lee / Product Images: GATSBY)