doTERRA Petal Diffuser Product Review

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Welcome to the doTERRA – Petal Diffuser Product Review…


Product:  doTERRA – Petal Diffuser                                          doTERRA - Petal Diffuser Product Review
Price: $72.50
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon
Size of Container:   5.4 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches; 1.15 Pounds                
Guarantee: Yes
My Rating:  9/10


doTERRA – Petal Diffuser Product Review


So this being my first diffuser, the only thing I have to compare it with is the old school ceramic tea light style oil burner.  The doTERRA Petal Diffuser is definitely a better way of releasing the many aromatic benefits of the essential oils, which are influential to one’s well being, mind body and soul and of course an enjoyable treat to the senses.

The effect of using beautiful blends of aromatherapy and essential oils is that they can subtely, but powerfully shift mood and effect our central Nervous System (CNS) and limbic system, causing our neurotransmitters to emit all those beautiful dopamine and serotonin feel good chemicals for the brain and bodys’ wellbeing in a fast, pleasant and non invasive way.

Our olfactory system and sense of smell and the powerful effects it can illicit are not well known or recognized.   Yet it is such a powerful sense.   Think back to when you were a child and for example your Mother was making your favorite chocolate cake.  I bet if you smelt that now, it would take you right back there and to that happy excited feeling.

Okay, back to the doTERRA diffuser in particular!  It quite a fun experience to create and experiment with your own mixes of oils and to feel like quite the alchemist as you remove the lid add the oils to the swirling, mystical like vapor of the diffuser.  Even my wife who is disabled and has trouble with her hands, can safely use this unit, to her great delight!

Another great advantage to this product is that it saves an huge amount of precious essential oils compared to the good old ceramic and tea light ones.  The fine mist permeates well throughout living spaces (up to 30 square meters with the lid on), with but a mere 2 drops of essential oils lasting many hours.

From a design and functionality perspective, the lid is easy to remove and take off to get to the generous size water reservoir to fill to the easily identifiable (maximum) line.

The unit itself is well balanced and fairly stable, comes in one color only, soft purple/mauve on the bottom and white on top.  The plug socket for the diffuser is in a good position, up a few inches from the base making it easy to plug into without frustration.

The settings and operation are straightforward with a 1 hour, 6 hour and a 12 hour with intermittent 5 min on – 5min off.  It comes with a separate button for the nightlight which emits a decent amount of light and in only one color (warm white or close to it). Was tempted to give this review 100% but with more a few more options with the color and lux control of the light it might of gotten there.

The mist diffuser seems to use a lot less essential oil than the standard tea light burner and is also a safer option with no flame and burning hot external parts.

Essential Oils are an aromatic science where the smell or scents painstakingly extracted from natural sources can influence your brain and nervous system and is an undervalued form of healing and relaxation in this busy modern world.  Another really lovely aspect of using the doTERRA diffuser, is that it brings a sense of ritual, ceremony and self care into each day, as you tap into what your body and mind need to then add suitable oils accordingly, it is a beautiful, quick and subtle yet powerful form of self care.


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