Bugis district is a well-known food haven in Singapore. From trendy restaurants to ethnic cuisine eateries, the bustling precinct houses a variety of food options. One of them is Albert Centre Market and Food Centre, a hawker haunt with some of Singapore’s best hawker stalls, offering affordable and accessible meals to satisfy hungry appetites.

Located mere minutes from Bugis Junction and Bugis+, Albert Centre Market and Food Centre is a one-stop location for fresh produce, dried goods, and delicious local food – after all, some of Singapore’s best hawker stalls reside here. This building, although pale compared to the glitzy retail and financial skyscrapers in the vicinity, provides essentials like food to many. But this section of Bugis still retains a rustic charm with the cluster of residential HDB blocks at Queen Street. The food hub also serves residents staying nearby at Waterloo Street, Selegie Road, and Rochor Centre (now demolished).

The three-level Albert Centre Market and Food Centre is a treasure trove. On the first level is a wet market selling fresh ingredients on one half and a food centre filled with hawker stalls on the other. Levels two and three housed shops that sell dried goods and local festivities-themed products. As expected, most will make a beeline for cooked food at Albert Food Centre. This location is also a tourist magnet as it is near places of attractions like the National Design Centre and Stamford Arts Centre.

There’ll definitely be delectable freshly-prepared food from the rows of hawker stalls for you to indulge in. From light bites like goreng pisang and local hot & iced desserts to hawker favourites like comforting Yong Tau Foo and nutritious sliced fish soup, you can curate a multi-course meal with a wide selection of dishes here. So make sure you’re hungry before ordering a feast fit for a king at this storied food centre.

8 best hawker stalls to eat from at Albert Centre Market and Food Centre in Bugis:

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Nothing beats a comforting warm bowl of porridge for breakfast and Fatt Kee Shou Shi delivers it perfectly. While Shou Shi literally translates to ‘cooked food’ in general, the signature dishes from this hawker stall are Cantonese-style peanut congee simmered over traditional hot charcoal stoves, fried bee hoon, and yam cake. This nourishing combination may seem like humble fare but they definitely will energise your body for the day ahead.

(Image credit: Fatt Kee Shou Shi)


Hock Lee Fishball Noodles

Hock Lee Fishball Noodles

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-102, Singapore 180270

Another excellent choice for breakfast comes courtesy of Hock Lee Fishball Noodles. Or rather, you’ll need to have them for breakfast since their queue is perpetually endless upon opening. The elements are simple here too – bouncy fishballs, springy noodles tossed in tangy vinegar and chilli, and clear umami broth. Although their fishballs have a rough exterior, you can be sure that they are fresh and handmade due to their irregularity and textured bite.

(Image credit: Hock Lee Fishball Noodles)

Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-106, Singapore 180270

We often can create our own bowl of Yong Tau Foo. But at Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu, the dish comes in fixed pre-selected pieces which differ from traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo. The signature pieces here are made from prawn, pork and fish paste, which represents gold, white and black rolls. Even the noodle choice here is singular too – bee hoon in soup. With all the ingredients soaking up the clear flavourful soup, each portion feels soothing for the weary soul.

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Say Seng Cooked Food

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-68, Singapore 180270

Say Seng Cooked Food specialises in pork, pig organ soup and braised pork belly. They originally use wild boar and gained fame for it, but now they imbue pork with those original flavours instead. The savoury braised sauce truly pairs well with the balanced pork belly layers. Have it along with the pipping hot pig organ soup made with appetising preserved vegetables. Catered to dinner as they open from 3pm onwards, they often sell out their dish way before their closing time at 8pm.

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Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup

Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-95, Singapore 180270

It’s impossible to miss Angel Horse Teochew Fish Soup despite being sandwiched in the middle of other hawker stalls due to its snaking queue. There’s a reason too. The soup here veers towards a clean and refreshing taste that’s flavoured with dried or dehydrated. Also, the fresh Batang fish slices are tender without any odd fishy smells. Excellent to dip with the accompanying fermented bean sauce with chopped chilli padi.

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Si Ma Lu Goreng Pisang

Si Ma Lu Goreng Pisang

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-46, Singapore 180270

Craving a snack or still itching for a small bite after a meal? Have some crispy golden fried bananas at Si Ma Lu Goreng Pisang. The banana fritters, with Malay and Indonesian origins, make a great creamy sweet treat. Its taste and texture vary with different bananas which are priced accordingly (you get what you pay for). Other yummy fried options available include sweet potato, green bean cake, tapioca, and even durian.

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Pondok Makan Indonesia

Pondok Makan Indonesia

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-123, Singapore 180270

Noted as one of the few Michelin-recommended halal eateries in Singapore, Pondok Makan Indonesia’s extensive menu certainly doesn’t disappoint. Specialising in Indonesian hawker food, they do tasty familiar dishes like the slurp-worthy Mee Rebus, Gado Gado, Tahu Goreng, and Lontong. Their smokey tender lamb and chicken satay are also renowned for the delicious slightly sweet turmeric marinade.

(Image credit: @chezjoeong/Instagram)

Zheng Xing Mei Shi

270 Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre #01-64, Singapore 180270

There’s always room in the stomach for dessert. In Albert Food Centre, get them at Zheng Xing Mei Shi. Famous for their well-prepared Chinese ‘soup’ desserts, the star here is Tau Suan made with split mung bean. The consistency of the sweet starch is on point and pairs well with the chewy you tiao (fried dough fritters). Besides Tau Suan, they only have Green Beans with Sago, Bubur Teringu, and Bubur Pulut Hitam on their menu. They are only open four days a week, so you might need some luck in getting your hands on them.

(Image credit: @zhengxingdesserts/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where is Albert Centre Market and Food Centre?

Answer: Albert Centre Market and Food Centre is located at 270 Queen St, just a short walk away from the Bugis MRT Station, as well as popular shopping malls like Bugis Junction and Bugis+.

Question: Which are the best stalls at Albert Food Centre?

Answer: Albert Food Centre is a hawker centre in Singapore that’s best known for local dishes such as kway chap, nasi lemak, yong tau foo, and more.

Question: What are the opening hours of Albert Food Centre?

Answer: Albert Centre Market and Food Centre is open from 8.00am to 8.30pm daily.