Best Indian Rojak Stalls In Singapore For Satisfying Your Midday Snack Fix

To the untrained eye, any dish that’s labelled ‘rojak’ looks like a hot mess.

The smorgasbord of fruits and vegetables in Chinese rojak, for instance, is made to look even less “gram-worthy” with a coating of peanuts, prawn paste and tamarind sauce. If you’d like to check out some of the best places in town to have them, we’ve rounded up eight spots for you here. 

Today, however, we’re spotlighting the deep-fried goodness that is Indian rojak, also known as Mamak Rojak.

An experience in itself, customers are first invited to take their pick from the vibrant display of ingredients at the stall, ranging from assorted cucur (fritters) and potatoes to cuttlefish, eggs, tofu and fishcake. Here, everything you choose is sent to sizzle in a wok of hot oil, then roughly chopped up.

The result is a plate of brown, yellow, and orange, interspersed with a scattering of green chillies, cucumber and raw onions. Here, take any one of the crispy one-bite pieces and dip lavishly into the sauce provided and you’ll get an explosion of textures and flavours and textures all at once.

If you’re already hungry like us, read on for our best picks of the best Indian rojak in Singapore.

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6 places for the best Indian rojak in Singapore:

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Abdhus Salam took over his father’s legacy since 1994 and hasn’t looked back since. The overwhelming medley of ingredients here can be daunting during the decision-making process, but don’t fret. Favourites here include the umami-laden prawn fritter, coconut fritter, beef lung, and the lentil fritters.

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Siraj Indian Food

270 Queen St, Albert Centre, Singapore 180270

Siraj Indian Food

For the uninitiated, the stall at Waterloo St was originally named Siraj Indian Food, but has since been renamed to Sabeena Indian Food. Today, Sabeena Indian Food is run by the sister of Siraj Indian Food’s stall owner. Besides the consistently delicious array of ingredients, many come back again for the hospitable and friendly service from the staff here.

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Al Mahboob Rojak

300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-02, NTUC [email protected] Junction, Singapore 529653

Al Mahboob Rojak

A dazzling exhibition awaits you here at Al Mahboob Rojak. What sets them apart from most places is the fact that they have a standalone bistro of their own, complete with air-conditioning to help diners beat the heat. The sauce here leans a little sweeter, with a gentle heat that cuts through any potential greasiness from the fried fritters.

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Third generation owner Mohd Hafiz starts his day early at Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food (Temasek Indian Rojak). At 2am, he begins his preparations for the stall with a closely followed recipe that’s been passed down by his grandfather. While the battered potatoes, tempeh, and innards are crowd favourites, be sure to also order the cuttlefish and prawn fritters as well. From his hypnotising cutting process to the addictive 11-ingredient sauce, Haji Johan Indian Muslim Food (Temasek Indian Rojak) a must-visit for any Indian rojak fan.

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Habib’s Rojak

503 West Coast Drive, Ayer Rajah Food Centre, Singapore 120503

Habib's Rojak

There isn’t just one famous Indian rojak stall at Ayer Rajah Food Centre, there’s two. Apart from Abdhus Salam Rojak, diners can also choose to dine from Habib’s Rojak here. Habib’s Rojak also prides itself with three different types of prawn fritters, and diners are welcomed to top up the perfectly sweet and savoury sauce for free.

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